Supporting Simulation

The Network supports simulation across the North West in a number of ways at both an individual and organisational level this includes:-

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We have an ongoing directory of organisations and individulas invloved in simualtion along with a summary of simualtion activity. This builds on work started in 2012 and repeated in 2016.

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Regional accrediation / Quality assurance process

The NWSEN in collaboration with regional stakeholders has developed a quality assurance process over a number of years that articulates quality standards for simulation provision for the faculty, in course /session design and the centre level.

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Assist in identifying appropriate areas for effective application of organisational simulation

Developing an action plan to increase organisational simulation and capacity

Provide a programme to develop key staff with the development of simulation knowledge and skills.

Assist in design and delivery of simulation programmes to build confi-dence and competence of local faculty

Undertake a quality assurance assessment of any current organisa-tional simulation processes

Provide contacts with regional simulation and educational experts and foster collaboration

Provide access to education resources developed for supporting high quality simulation events

Such an example of regional resources has been the development of a Human Factors e-learning module for use either as pre-learning material prior to attending a simulation event, or as a stand alone module.

Core Themes The network has agreed to support the development of simulation activities that aligns with the following core themes

Faculty Development: Increase the number and confidence and competence of educator staff with simulation knowledge and skills to increase in providing simulation education for the benefit of the workforce.

Inter-professional team development: aimed at developing team knowledge, skills and behaviour that improve inter-professional team working and communication through blended resources including e-learning material, didactic sessions and experiential learning through simulation.

Emergency in-situ drills: assisting with planning, facilitation and evaluation of in-situ drills for organisational emergency teams as a learning event for team members and roles and to detect latent errors

Trauma simulation: developing team roles and response to standardised scenarios and detecting latent errors

Additionally we are keen to work with individual organisations to develop resources that align to

Care of the dying: developing skills and behaviours when breaking bad news and caring for the patient or relatives of a dying patient
Medicine Management: identifying common medicine errors, raising the awareness of how to prevent errors, increasing patient safety

The Network also works with national and regional stakeholders to promote the appropriate use of simulation in healthcare

Simulation Resource Library

The network has developed a scenario framework, we are encouraging organisations to use this and to share scenarios. Scenarios are available in this format in the NWSEN scenario library.

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Here is the calendar displaying the courses that are running at the Centre for Simulation and Patient Safety (Aintree).  This may be of use to some who are interested in courses as candidates and useful for those who are looking for courses to expand there confidence and skills as a simulation facilitator. For more information please click here

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