The NWSEN was established by NHS NW with the initial aim to devise a Simulation Strategy for the North West. The strategy was published in 2010 and the work of the network has been focused on implementing the strategy.

NWSEN Sim Strategy Click on the document to open

Simulation is defined as the process where we “recreate a real life task, event of experience, providing a safe learning environment, for the acquisition of skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviors”1

The network aims to promote, enable and support all forms and modalities of simulation based education including part task trainers, virtual simulation, human patient simulators and standardized patients. The focus by the network is on an evidence based learning event with clearly identified and suitable outcomes especially where these demonstrate an improvement in patient safety and patient experience. The Department of Health Framework for Technology Enhanced Learning is used to underpin the networks activity.

The network has members from NHS Organizations and Academic Partner HEI’s and fosters links with national and international simulation organizations and local stakeholders. The NWSEN Governance board meets regularly to review the activity of the network.

NWSEN Structure Click on the document to open

Working groups have been formed by individuals who are interested in raising the profile and effectiveness of simulation in specific healthcare domains. The aim is for the working groups to be multi-professional and to develop resources that can be used across the entire region.



1- MacKinnon R.J. (2011) Editorial: The rise of the collaborative inter-professional simulation network? Infant, 7, 6-8.


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