Faculty Development

One of the identified needs for simulation development in the North West was the need to develop a faculty development program.

The NWSEN faculty development group developed and piloted a course comprising of one day, an Education Day

Education day - the day is a generic day aimed at developing a basic knowledge in simulation education theory, human factors and debriefing skills. This day is supported by three pre-learning resources.

The course was started in November 2010. In the first year 89 candidates attended the Technical day and 244 attended the education day. Both days being facilitated cost free for the candidates.

NWSEN Faculty Development EvaluationClick on document to open it

Following the evaluation a NW Deanery Medical Education Fellow is further reviewing the course and gathering higher levels of evaluation including longitudinal outcomes following the course. The technical day is now being only run as an ad-hoc event where local needs identify it as being needed, this partly reflects that the majority of people requiring the technical day have attended.

The educational day continues to be run at a regionally central location in Warrington close to the M62. To book a place you need to register on this website and enroll on the faculty development area. Once you have completed the three e-learning events you will be able to book on a face to face session. Please email Charlotte with any questions about the course.

The NWSEN has also been working with several of the regional Universities who have established formal academic simulation based modules, which can be taken separately or integrated into programs of study.

Please see attached PDF’s from Manchester Metropolitan University

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Manchester Metropolitan University - Click on documents to open them-

Simulation in Healthcare Practical Application Unit

PGCert in Simulation and Technology Enhanced Learning (STEL)


The network is exploring how it can further support on going faculty development and is working on material which will be available across the region.

To log into the faculty development area you will need to log in and enrol on the course by entering faculty development in the search box at the bottom left of the screen

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